Admissions and Student Counselling Department

The Common Educational Proficiency Assessment (CEPA) consists of two tests, an English test and a Math test. CEPA-English is one of the important requirements for admission. If you apply through the National Admissions and Placement Office (NAPO) to study at the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU), the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT), Zayed University (ZU), Institute of Applied Technology (IAT), Abu Dhabi Vocational Education and Training Institute (ADVETI), Emirates College for Advanced Education (ECAE) or for Ministry scholarships to study abroad, you will be required to take CEPA-English. If you do not sit for the exam, your application to the higher education institutions will not be given consideration. Students with a high CEPA-English score may be eligible to enter an academic program directly, without the need for a foundation program in English.
Your score on CEPA-English will be recorded in your electronic application for higher education at NAPO. The results will be used to place you into an appropriate level of study for English.

Please refer to the student portal for the exam dates. Shortly before the exam, you will receive a letter from NAPO explaining where and when you should attend for CEPA-English.

In the academic year 2013/2014, CEPA-Math will be used for placement at some institutions. After being admitted, students at the relevant institutions will be contacted by their colleges and informed about the exam date and venue.

1. CEPA Dates Schedule 2013/2014

2. CEPA-English

3. CEPA-Math

4. CEPA Challenge and CEPA practice tests

For further information on CEPA, please visit the MOHESR website.